what we do?

We work with street families with the objective of restoring them to being functional and contributing members of our society. This includes touching them in all aspects of their lives including but not limited to, physical psychological and spiritual aspects of their lives.

our projects

For over 20 years, I have been ministering to people with drug abuse / street children.

For over 20 years, I have been caring and ministering with people with drug abuse issues whom have challenges in life, most of whom are street children. This kind of ministry has made me concerned as to how to effectively help these street children and reconcile them back into the community.

Assessment: looking back at  how much has been done during the last 20 years as now the street children have grown, and in some cases, they now have children from other street boys/girls thus increasing their number and continuing the vicious circle.
They have been coming to a central location twice a week to share a meal and to be counselled and prayed with, but this has not born the fruits that are desired as this does not seem to help them change their lifestyle. This is dues t the fact that immediately they leave, them they seem to regress back to their ways. This has informed the VISION.

Vision: to have a central location to centralize all activities related to the well being of the street families. This location will act as a meeting place where instead of meeting only twice a week, we can meet on a daily basis. From here all learning, prayer and feeding activities will be carried out. This will ensure that a more lasting effect is made on their lives, physically, psychologically and spiritual with an end effect of social reintroduction and acceptance without the stigmatization of the tag, “street children”.

Mission: For this to happen, there is a need of funds and volunteers to partner with us in this endeavour. The mission can be broken down as follows
- Creating publicity about the vision and mobilizing people to come together and translate the vision into reality
- Creating an effective plan including fine tuning as to how best to run and maintain the program with an emphasis on sustainability.

Desired impact: To be able to equip these street families with the necessary and relevant tools to help them create a better future for themselves
- To help the street families understand that God loves them and has a divine purpose for their lives irrespective of the current challenges.
- To help the street families recover their identity which they were robbed of by the harsh reality of living on the street
- Help the families reintegrate back into the society as functioning members and help them shed the stigma of being referred to as street families.

My Appeal:
Considering the impact this mission is going to make, i encourage you to be part of it.
For this mission to be a reality, two groups of people are needed; the givers and the doers. The givers include those willing to donate food, clothing and finances.
The doers include those willing to physically be on the ground as volunteers to interact with the street families in different activities.
We would also love to partner with prayer worriers to support the ministry through prayer.

I shall appreciate support either in cash or cheques. Shalom all.
Mpesa account is 0725977603 or money gram